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Penny has spent her entire career in Los Angeles giving advice to fellow actors and has fought the request that she offer career consultation.  She has given in because every day she finds actors whose career direction could change in an instance with just the correct information.

As no two actors are the same no career consultation will ever be the same.  It will be catered to the needs and level of each individual.  It will include but will not be limited to a look at an actor’s entire business package – resume, headshots, reel, web sites etc.  She will look at how you see yourself as an actor and how the industry sees you as an actor.  Will go over what material best displays your talent and how to best be seen in the industry to move your career to the next level.

Are you just beginning in this adventure?  Penny has a huge knowledge of the best services out there that cater to actors to what web sites to be on to who has the best deal on reproduction of photos.  Do you have a reel do you need a reel?  Are you union or non-union?  Do you need to be in the union do you not?  If I’m not union how do I become union?  Do you need agents in other markets?  Do you need an agent and a manager?  Can you get seen without having representation?  Who are the good agents and managers?  Who are the best photographers in town?  What are the best survival jobs in town?

Not a beginner but a veteran that wants to expand their market.  Want to produce your own play or your own one person show.  Penny has produced single handedly over 20 full length productions in Los Angeles that she self-financed as well as self-produced.  Learn how to be in control of your art SELF PRODUCE.

Scheduling a CAREER CONSULTATION is the quickest way to get a handle on where you're at in your career and what you can do about it.

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