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Private Coaching is offered for the actor getting ready for an audition, as well as the actor who wishes to take a private class and get more one on one instruction than you would in a group class.  Whichever you choose you will receive personalized coaching on every aspect of the audition or individual needs.

Because your coach is a working actor and has many personal connections with the people you will be reading for you will not only get invaluable information on the role your reading for and how to best present yourself but also personal preferences of the casting director, assistant and associate.  Penny prides herself on knowing every television show on the air and gives the actor invaluable information on the style and tone of the show to help your audition be dead on.


Penny's Philosophy

Penny's goal in her class's are to help all actors learn to "Get out of their own way," thus letting their true talents shine through.  Actors want the "pursuit" of acting to be more difficult than it needs to be. To this, she strives to help actors find who they really are, which in turn aids them to sell their talent and become the actor they've always dreamt of becoming.  This class is not set up for an actor to stretch outside the box, but instead to learn who you are and to realize that the one thing that is unique to you and not to the other actor sitting next to you is YOU!   

Penny has a director's eye.  When she is given praise as a director her favorite response is "I'm the laziest director in the business... I'm just a great casting director.  It's all in the casting."  As a director, she finds the actor who is the role and then sits back and gets out of the actor's way.  Her class is set up very much the same way.  She spends days picking out just the right material to make her actors shine.  No one class is the same just as no one actor is the same.

All material in class will be provided by the teacher and will be geared toward film and television.  All sides and scripts will be from current shows that the student could easily be cast in.  Material will range from one hour primetime drama to daytime drama, from one hour procedural shows to half hour sitcoms (both one camera & 5 camera shows).  Sides will include co-star, one day guest star, top of show guest star to series regular.  Feature film sides will run the gamut from leads to supporting to day players.  The goal is to get everyone comfortable with all types of material and eventually have the ability, in a short time period, to make the character they're reading for their own... which of course increases an actor's chance of booking a job.

And out from knowing how to book a role comes knowing "the business" and ultimately being prepared to own the business.  Every class (session?) will include a lecture and discussion on the business aspects of an actor's career and each week every actor will discuss their goals for the upcoming week and what they are going to do to achieve those goals. Classes meet once a week and actors are guaranteed to work in each class.

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