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Professional Media Optimization 


We are so excited about this new service!!! 

In these new times your online presence is critical!  With producers not being able to meet you in person during your audition process your professional Online sites have never been more important.  I have been in this business for over 30 years and have a very trained eye to what stands out to the people in the power to hire you.  Most actors pay to have a yearly subscription to IMDB but just allow productions to make additions.  In today's competitive world it is up to you to not have it just as a site that has your headshots but to make it a pictorial guide to your body of work.  Check out the links below of members that have taken advantage of the new service. 


We offer consultation where we meet with you (under Covid Safety environment) and guide you on how to up the professionalism of your site..... Or we will do it all for you.   We will meet and talk about your body of work and then we will redo your site to make you look the best you can be to the Industry!!!

Contact us for rates and more information

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