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About Cold Reading Workshops

About Cold-Reading Workshops and Showcases

It is important to be clear about the purpose of cold reading workshops. They are a proven effective form of training and practice for auditions; and they are an unparalleled opportunity for networking with other actors as well as with professionals. Cold Reading Workshops are not auditions. In accordance with the California Labor Board Guidelines, the following is a statement that is signed by each workshop participant upon registration at each cold reading workshop at TAG Studio Worksops and is read aloud as well:

"This is not a job interview or audition.

I understand that the presence of a casting director is absolutely not a guarantee or promise of employment.

I further understand that the intent of this class is solely educational."

TAG Studio offers cold reading workshops usually led by casting professionals  or agents actively working in TV, Film and/or in multimedia productions. The various guests offer perspective to actors in an open forum. TAG Studios also offers on-going acting classes and 8-week on camera audition classes.

The workshops open with an introduction by the Industry Guest in a relaxed atmosphere with up to 24 actors in attendance. There is a Question and Answer period where those in attendance have the unique opportunity to appropriately ask what they want to know about the process within that office with that Industry Guest, or about other Industry-related things. Headshots and resumes may be reviewed plus topics such as:

  • Audition techniques

  • The business of acting

  • Office etiquette

  • Demystifying the audition process

  • How casting procedures differ between pilots, features, episodics, etc.

  • Advice on seeking representation

  • General industry trends in casting

  • The new trend of the taped auditions

  • The change in the industry due to online casting sites

The Industry Guests may give out scenes or "sides" to the actors in attendance from scripts consistent with what her/his office casts but not from projects that have not yet been cast.  After s/he has studied the pictures and resumes submitted by the actors in attendance "Sides" provided are given out and  Following a 10-15 minute preparation time, the scenes are performed, usually in pairs designated by the Industry Guests, or may be read one on one with the Industry Guests.  The Industry Guests will give constructive feedback and may redirect individual actors. The actors in attendance are the audience for each reading. A cold reading workshop usually lasts approximately 2 1/2 hours, but it is entirely up to the Industry Guest.

Cold-reading workshops provide these benefits:

  • Practice and perfecting cold reading skills with an industry professional who will give you feedback and direction to perfect your audition skills.

  • Insight into the process of  casting and with the different levels of approvals from network, studio, writer and director by someone involved in it daily. 

  • Learning what Industry Guests look for in auditions specific to individual offices, and in general

  • Networking with and being supported by other actors

COLD READING LESSON PLAN PROVIDED BY CALIFORNIA LABOR COMMISSIONER 2002 Lesson Plan For All Cold Reading Classes at TAG Studio Casting Office Procedures & Experience Day to day in our Casting Office Submissions & Resources On Tape for Producers Self Tapes Breakdown Profiles Headshots Resumes Demo reels / Clips Audition Prep Research Wardrobe Sides   Audition Tips Making the best of your audition Character choices/direction Stage direction/props Questions regarding scene/character What to expect in the room Scenes to be handed out from Guest Teacher based on your Photo/Resume.  One of the best learning experiences is seeing that your photos work and that you get the correct sides based on how your photo speaks to Industry Profesionals. 15 minute prep break All actors perform all scenes in class room setting.  You not only learn from performing but from watching others perform and the feed back and direction given to others.

POLICIES Please Note: All information is current as of when the Casting Director is booked for the workshop. We are not responsible for casting directors changing offices/projects! All of our guests are scheduled in advance. If there are changes to their schedules or the shows they work on, we cannot be held responsible- this is truly part of the business. We will try to get you as much information as quickly as we can if there are any changes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! Visa, MC, Discover and AMEX are accepted via PayPal, our payment processor. There is a $25.00 fee for bounced checks that must be paid before attending another workshop. All individual class payments and discount pack sales are final. All sessions start promptly. Actors must sign in 15 minutes prior to the workshop/one-on-one/showcase time. If you are running late you MUST call the office at 818-300-2885 and inform the monitor to keep your spot, or your spot might be given away 5 minutes before the class begins. Being late without notice forfeits space & workshop fee! (Before you leave to attend any workshop it's advisable to check your email to see if the class start time has changed or has been unexpectedly canceled). Qualifications:   An audition is required for anyone wishing to join TAG Studio Workshops. Call 818-3002885 or email for information and to schedule an audition. For those not accepted, there is a 90-day waiting period before another audition can be scheduled. For those accepted, there is a 60-day trial basis following acceptance For more information and to set up an audition time please see JOIN US. RESERVATIONS:   Please go to workshop events and register on line or email  to book workshops. The Actors Group does not call you to confirm your reservation; please do not request that we do. Consider yourself confirmed. Always check your voicemail and email for notification of being put on standby if workshop is full, or for unforeseen workshop cancellations. Cancellation Policy:   Must be made a full 24 hours prior to the workshop for credit or refund. The time stamp on emails and voicemails will determine the exact time of the cancellation. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO PAY FOR ANY WORKSHOP NOT CANCELLED IN TIME.  No exceptions (INCLUDING ILLNESS, TRAFFIC, AUDITIONS, ON-SET). Required Ettiquette :   (1) Everyone is to be present during the cold reading part of each workshop. You are responsible to be a good audience when you are not reading. (2) Take a seat throughout the workshop. (3) DO NOT rehearse while other actors are reading. Give your attention to all the readings. This is a very valuable process that workshops provide. There is specific time set aside for practicing any sides that are given for cold reading. (4) When actors are paired to read, each actor must give the actor s/he is reading with the courtesy of reading the scene together at least once. (5) DO NOT shuffle the pages of sides during the workshop. This is rude and distracting. (5) Connect with your scene partner to showcase your skills. Remember that who you're partnered with makes your work better and it is your responsibility to contribute to theirs the best you can too Pictures & Resumes: Actors are responsible for bringing a current photo and resume per guest with them to each workshop. Please arrive early at least 15 minutes prior to start of worksop to get your picture(s) in before the guest(s) arrive(s). Guests may request photos and resumes in advance, so please leave 5 extra photos with us in your file and keep them current with current resumes.  Guests need your photo and resume to determine the best material to assign the actors. Pricing  :  We hope that packages and reasonable pricing make it so every actor can be at TAG Studio Workshops more often!  Here at TAG, we have tried to make the most simplest pricing structure for our Actors.  We have only 2 prices..... single workshops for $30.00 and 4-workshop package for $100.00 saves over $5 per workshop. Package expires on the year anniversary of the date of purchase.  »        Packages cannot be transferred to another actor. »       Every member gets chances at random specials distributed by email only. »       Refer a friend and get a free workshop when they book their first workshop. For Agent Night and CD Talent Showcase - we guarantee a minimum of 3 guests attending; we often will have 4 - 6 attending. TAG Studio reserves the right to refuse service and/or terminate membership to any person who disrupts workshops or mistreats guest, fellow actors & staff. Wait List Policy: when a class is sold out, actors who RSVP online are put on the wait list for that class instead of on the roster. As spaces become available, paid wait listed actors will automatically be put into the class in the order in which they are wait listed. Actors are notified via email up to one hour before scheduled class time, and will be charged the full workshop fee once they are bumped in. Members are urged to check their email the day of the class to see if they have been automatically bumped in. Actors are urged to remove themselves from the wait list in accordance with the cancellation policy if they cannot attend, to prevent being inadvertently charged for a class for which they are no longer available. Standby Policy: the standby list is different from the wait list. Standbys can arrive in person up to one hour before class and place themselves (and only themselves) on the standby list. Five minutes before class, in the event of no-shows, standbys paying cash at the door are accepted to fill the vacant spots in the order in which they arrived. A wait listed actor who is not accepted into the class online may still try to come to the class in person as a standby by signing up on the standby list. Having previously been on the wait list does not take precedence over the standby list - it is first-come- first-served at the door. All of our Industry Guests' credits and resumes are public domain and have been referenced on IMDB and

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