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What is a cold reading workshop?

It is an opportunity to meet industry professionals in a comfortable, informal setting; an unique opportunity for actors to learn directly from professionals about the audition process and general aspects of the industry. It provides a venue for direct access to industry professionals.  It is not a job interview or an audition. The presence of a casting director is not a guarantee or a promise of employment. The intent of the workshop is solely educational. There is a question and answer session usually at the beginning of the workshop after the Guest gives an overview of his/her story about how this industry became a career. Following Q & A there will be a 15-minute break for the actors in attendance to go over the scenes given to them for the cold reading portion of the workshop. The Guest may provide individual critiques, performance adjustments and /or feedback. The workshop will cover, but is not limited to, most of the following:

  • Audition Techniques

  • Review of headshots and resumes

  • Performance adjustments and feedback

  • How casting procedures differ between pilots, features, episodics, web productions and the like

  • Demystifying the audition process

  • Office etiquette

  • The business of acting

  • Advice on seeking representation

  • Open forum Q & A

  • General industry trends in casting

What does it cost to join TAG Studio Workshops?

There is no charge to join Studio Workshops.

An audition by specially qualified Staff Members is required for anyone wishing to join TAG Studio no matter how much experience or who made the referral.

A successful audition is required to become a member of TAG Studio.

How do I join TAG Studio Workshops?

To maintain a substantial degree of working actor professionalism, an audition is required to become a member of TAG Studio.

A reservation for an audition is required by emailing to or by calling 818-300-2885 and are available nearly once every week.

Auditions consist of a cold reading comedy and drama, and will take about an hour.

Auditions are usually held on Tuesdays at 4pm.

Can membership be revoked?

Following a successful audition, there is a 60 day trial membership during which time TAG Studio reserves the right to review the new member participation.

TAG Studio reserves the right to review the association of any member at any time.

How do I sign up for workshops?

The BEST way is to simply go to the website or click on the links in the nightly emails you receive which will take you to the website (at least 4 per week, usually every day).

You can call 818-300-2885 and leave a VoiceMail message if you’re unable to email.

How do I know I am signed up for a workshop and have a spot reserved?

TAG Studio does NOT confirm your reservation for any workshop. When you email or call to sign up for a workshop consider  yourself signed up for that workshop. Replies are a courtesy only even if you receive them frequently. Do not wait for a reply to confirm that you are signed up for a workshop. You are signed up whether you get a reply or not and will be responsible to pay for that workshop.

Where do I park?

There is ample free parking on Magnolia.  Evening workshops there is unlimited FREE parking on Magnolia on both the North and South Sides of Magnolia.  There is also limited parking on Catalina and Florence (we request that you park on the commercial portion of Catalina and Florence and try to avoid parking in the residential areas and to all ways be respectful of our neighbors). For the evening workshops Goodyear tire has made their back large parking lot off of Catalina available for parking after 6:30 in the evenings.  For Saturday and Sunday workshops their is ample 2 hour FREE parking on the north side of Magnolia and Catalina and unlimited FREE parking on the south side of Magnolia and Florence.


How do I know if a workshop is canceled?

You will receive an email saying a workshop is canceled so always check your email before leaving for a workshop. Unfortunately it happens that casting professionals are forced to cancel at the very last minute.

If you are signed up for a workshop that is canceled, every effort will also be made to call you in time to prevent an unnecessary trip. A message will be left on your voicemail telling you of a canceled workshop if you do not answer. This is one of the reasons it is so important that you keep your contact information up to date especially with a cell phone you carry with you.

What is the cancellation policy after I’ve signed up for a workshop?

Cancellations must be made a full 24 hours prior to the workshop for credit or refund. The time stamp on emails and voicemail messages will determine the exact time of the cancellation. You are financially responsible for any workshop not canceled in time. There are no exceptions (including illness, traffic, auditions, being on-set).

What if I cancel coming to a workshop for which I’m signed up after the 24 hour cancellation deadline?

You will be responsible to pay for that workshop if you do not cancel with at least 24 hours notice no matter what the reason. The time stamp from the email you send or the voicemail you leave will determine if it was in time. This is STRICTLY enforced to prevent any possiblity of favortism.

What happens if I sign up for a workshop that is already full?

You will be informed by email that you are on Standby and your position in the queue (1st, 2nd . 3rd, etc.).

The Standby policy is that if you are booked on Standby, you are automatically moved onto the workshop list according to your position in the queue if there is/are cancellation(s).

When you sign up for standby, you are committing to secure a position in the queue for that workshop. You are held to the same 24-hour cancellation policy when you are moved onto the workshop list as always. If you are on the standby list after the 24-hour cancellation deadline, you will be responsible to pay if a spot comes available in that workshop.

What is required etiquette when in attendance at a workshop? (link to The Rules of The Group)

Everyone is to be present throughout the cold reading part of each workshop. You are responsible to be a good audience when you are not reading.

Stay seated throughout the workshop, do not sit in the aisle or remain standing.

Do not rehearse while other actors are reading. Give your attention to all the readings. This is a very valuable process that workshops provide. There is specific time set aside for practicing any sides that are given for cold reading.

When actors are paired to read, each actor must give the actor s/he is reading with the courtesy of reading the scene together at least once.

Do not shuffle the pages of sides during the workshop. This is rude and distracting.

Connect with your scene partner to showcase your skills. Remember that who you’re partnered with makes your work better and it is your responsibility to contribute to theirs the best you can too.

NEVER approach the casting professional

When should I arrive before a workshop?

Arriving at least 15 minutes before a workshop starts. Being on time is very important and if you aren’t it is noticed by the casting professionals.

What if I’m unavoidably late to a workshop?

If being late is unavoidable, you must call to give staff an estimated time of arrival within 15 minutes of the start time. Actors arriving after the scheduled start time who have not called or did call and arrive after 15 minutes past start time are subject to losing their reservation and forfeiting their fee for the workshop. After calling and informing staff when arriving late ALWAYS enter through the rear entrance.

Can I pay with a credit card?


What if I pay with a check that turns out to be NSF (non-sufficient funds… bounced)?

There is a $25 fee for bounced checks that is payable immediately and must be paid before attending another workshop.

How do I refer another actor?

Have any actor interested in joining TAG go to the website , or call 818-300-2885to reserve an audition.

The Actors Group depends heavily on referrals from the membership to keep the level of talent high. When a current member refers someone, they earn a free workshop of their choice priced under $50 when the person they referred attends and pays for their first workshop following a successful audition.

Is information about members of The Actors Gorup ever given out or sold?


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